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This page shows the projects working on right now/recently completed, more current news is on Instagram

Also, sewing; think of it as a natural extension of my artmaking and see Granny Corner



I've never been entirely comfortable describing myself as an artist, such a subjective, arbitrary term.

I work, and this is my profession; I make artwork, I'm an artworker.

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Past Projects

Pre-2018 Projects
Artworking: February 2017 studio

Studio work work work process 

INSCAPES Media release

The exhibition title refers to the works themselves, which are an interpretation of Perl’s inner landscape; a private space inhabited by her thoughts, dreams, memories and emotions. As a series, the works explore universal themes such as loss, grief, faith, nostalgia and beauty. 

Very large landscape, #1

1830 x 901mm. Loved working at this scale after all the teeny pieces I've been making for so long. With them my thinking has been that its an already crowded world and theres a helluva lot of art out there, it doesn't need more taking up valuable space

Unmasking: memory and transience

New work. "The body mask; a sculpturally elegant, totemic, vessel-like form. Speaking of the masks that define and protect us. Viewers engage with the work, creating meaning, through their own associations and memories." True or false? You be the judge...

New year new work body mask for Susan

I made this piece for my friend Susan, who is currently undergoing a second round of chemotherapy, following surgery for breast cancer. I'd say there wouldn't be a woman alive who didn't feel a quick, sharp hurt to the heart on reading that last sentence. I know I do. Take what you want, but leave my boobs.