its like an online art work journal with lots of pictures. A blog even.

Notes to Self: documenting and having a stab at articulating the general & specific ideas in my art work. The making process is a primary factor, hence the 'project' thing: its a virtual filing mechanism/online library index file sorting office thats not alphabetical and definitely virtual. For filing and indexes and sorting. You know.

This page shows the projects I'm currently working on/recently completed & is reasonably static; more current news is on Instagram. If you're even more interested in my work, please do email me.

I make a lot of my own clothes, which has always felt like an extension of my artmaking, so for sewing and womanly pursuits see Granny Corner

Right then here we go:

Video from July 2016, working on Three Mile Hill Port Moresby here.

Arent you dying to know?? Here

Arent you dying to know?? Here


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'Inscapes' body masks and assemblages process booklet

The following is slides from a booklet I put together to accompany my exhibition "Inscapes", which contains both works on canvas and small sculptures. This booklet refers to the sculptures, although they're not otherwise distinct from the works on canvas, in my opinion, as all the works are 'objects' rather than picture planes. I find out a lot about the works as I make them, as if all is going well, they are making themselves. The making process is an equal (if not greater) part to the finished object. Or at least that's how it feels to me. Maybe the following will explain that more clearly than my clumpy words.

"Inscapes" works on canvas booklet of the making process

I put together a booklet style presentation to accompany the exhibition about the processes that went into creating the works on canvas . Theres a performative aspect to my work, in a sense; there were a lot of processes over several months and for me, making IS where the art is

INSCAPES Media release

The exhibition title refers to the works themselves, which are an interpretation of Perl’s inner landscape; a private space inhabited by her thoughts, dreams, memories and emotions. As a series, the works explore universal themes such as loss, grief, faith, nostalgia and beauty. 

Very large landscape, #1

1830 x 901mm. Loved working at this scale after all the teeny pieces I've been making for so long. With them my thinking has been that its an already crowded world and theres a helluva lot of art out there, it doesn't need more taking up valuable space. My house is well crammed with artworks, but I obviously still keep making because its second nature to me and its just what I do, but this way I'll try to not annoy anyone and make very small things. Then put them in a cupboard. Not asking anyone for anything, recycling old work & staying out of the way, being scrooge-like in my use of materials, and make good use of one of those lamps with the magnifier lens on a bendy stalk because EVERYTHING IS SO fkn SMALL .

Finished pieces go into a cupboard but my cupboards are getting full. So I feel both relieved and terrified that I've been offered a show with The Lost Ones Gallery in Ballarat, this October. Solo exhibition. Amazed at this incredible opportunity. Can make lots of BIG pieces! Lots!

Unmasking: memory and transience

New work. "The body mask; a sculpturally elegant, totemic, vessel-like form. Speaking of the masks that define and protect us. Viewers engage with the work, creating meaning, through their own associations and memories." True or false? You be the judge...

New year new work body mask for Susan

I made this piece for my friend Susan, who is currently undergoing a second round of chemotherapy, following surgery for breast cancer. I'd say there wouldn't be a woman alive who didn't feel a quick, sharp tug to the heart on reading that last sentence. I know I do. Take what you want, but leave my boobs.

Hits of 2015

End of year wrap up...well everyone else is doing it, so heres some of MY favorite 2015 pics:

Tessuti Kate top sewing comp; leather straps and fancy buckle sets

Ok so the only words I got there were "make a Katetop modified from the original pattern".

Swear to God I had this whole thing cracked in the first 15 minutes, then spent hours over the next two weeks getting it 'perfect", which of course it could never be because of that nitpicking. Swear to God I made the same mistakes, over & over. Metaphor for life, there.

Gold thread embroidery on landscape painting on canvas

Gold thread embroidery on painted canvas landscape.

Sewing sequin fabric the easy way - a quick & dirty midi-length pencil skirt

although my need for sequin skirt was acute, I dreaded the thought of unpicking all those little buggers. Every blog I read on the subject was agreed on this necessity before sewing but no! It is not so and halleluja sisters.

Little Thing

A pretty little thing. Someone told me this wasn't pretty. I think its a pretty thing.  Do you think its pretty? Well, regardless, its set in motion a whole new load of work. Nice work, better than pretty.

Companion Piece 1. From the Body Mask Series 2015

Assemblages that go together

The Changing Room. From The Body Mask Series 2015

There are obvious parallels between the Body Masks and this safe cocoon of our own creation. I have my studio and my laptop and from here I can make anything. He is in his digital playground where the communication is goverened by algorithms. It's an irony not lost on me that our enforced confinement has also been the greatest & most profound and sustained period of creative freedom I've ever known. 

Art shop. Get some here:

Yo, art fans, in response to many requests, selected artworks from a recent commission are now for sale to the public as limited edition prints on canvas & paper! The "Pop tribal PNG" artworks were conceived as commercial prints and are therefor available at low cost in both standard and custom dimensions; affordable art!

Curiosity: Nita Jane McMahon of Pattern Fantastique, interviewed.

...I became more & more curious about Nita Jane and the originality of her fashion designs; here was a woman who came across as refreshingly left field, a pattern making designer with a keen eye for the nuances of fit and ease, deftly combined with sharp cuts, bold drapes and clever construction.  

Works in progress Sept 2014

Its been a good month for studio work. 

New work August 2014

Working working working making making making. It's been a full one year since this my website has been online & the work that has been generated by the simple task of collating & publishing a post every two weeks or so is amazing, to me. 

This post is few words & all studio progress photos. Behold:



I've never been entirely comfortable describing myself as an artist, such a subjective, arbitrary term.

I work, and this is my profession; I make artwork, I'm an artworker.

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Gold thread embroidery on canvas

Embroidery on canvas, using DCM metallic embroidery thread with Scanfil metallic thread for couching. My first go at couching! My GOD it takes a long time.

Obviously I made this as difficult as I could, deciding that every single teeny circle had to be 'floating', ie, not 'run on' as much as guipure laces & corded laces are.

So I was plunging the thread through to the back, once the teeny circle was done, securing it, then pulling it back up to start the next teeny circle. Much and constant re-threading, cursing, and wailing and cursing.


Portrait of Femida H

Femida H. She is my close and very dear friend and I made this portrait for her 50th birthday present. We met as neighbours in London (hello, NW3) and she is an incredibly kind & loyal friend, and a gracious & generous woman. I hope I've done something nice for her here.


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