its like an online art journal with lots of pictures

This page shows the projects working on right now/recently completed, more current news is on Instagram

Also, sewing; think of it as a natural extension of my artmaking and see Granny Corner



I've never been entirely comfortable describing myself as an artist, such a subjective, arbitrary term

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Past Projects

Pre-2018 Projects
Artworking; December 2017

In December 2017 I finished a commission that began as a concept around 5 months ago.

artworking; November 2017

November got away from me

artworking; October 2017

This is going to take a while

artworking; September 2017

Commissions, the art fair, the airport, Puppy and Chicken Salt. It all happened in September.

artworking; July 2017

Much work that I cant share. The commission I'm undertaking is by far the biggest I've ever done, with the most restrictive contract I've ever signed. So I cant share progress pics but let me assure you, I'm artworking long and many days