Artworking; October 2018


This October I looked after my brother as he recovers from a serious illness. Of four of us, I am second and he is fourth. Ask any of us if we’re close and we will all say yes, very, even if its been years since we last met. In our childhood, damage was sustained and I think we are all in a permanent state of recovery. Post trauma plus a bit. So none of us were really surprised when A’s suffering tipped into terminal and I truly do praise God that I am here and I am able to be a help to him.

He will be staying with us & convalescing for some time & I’m +happy about that, he’s gifted-level clever and very very funny. I love my brother. Puppy loves my brother.


Road trip

to Canberra

ginger beer.jpg

Ginger beer glucose restoration post gym. Its important to measure out EXACT halfsies from one bottle. EXACT halfsies, no more, no less. Not two bottles, ONE BOTTLE, HALFSIES. Ive become really good at doing it & its ok to do it without a measuring cup now, Mr Autism my son

here we go again.JPG1.JPG



English? Really, appalling English. I’ve deliberated considerable after this entry my time and its not accepted around. Thats it. No round.



End of

three years of schoolboy cadets. He looked adorable in uniform