Image via  Cult Gaia , who make these cool headbands.

Image via Cult Gaia, who make these cool headbands.

The act of sewing is a process of emotional repair
— Louise Bourgeois

Pre-2018 Projects
"Palms" digital fabric print

Well this is joyous, my second digital fabric print!

DIY pet step for Puppy's advancing years

I'm currently engaged in commissioned work for a luxury hotel - at 28 pieces its the biggest commission I've ever know - and I'm not at liberty to share any images of it. So all the showing off I get to do is in that last sentence. However, there is a lull in artwork proceedings at the moment, so here’s a photoshop bonanza of step by step pics following the making of Puppy's new couch step! Time wasting!

Gilded lace skirt

I've gilded a lot of surfaces over the decades and lace is one of them, but I've never made a garment with it before.


My first digital fabric print!

DREAM REALISED: I've been wanting to try some of my artwork images through digital fabric printing technologies for a long time and now I have and its thrilling!

Carolyn PJ dress

One of my favorite patterns, this. The Carolyn Pj by Closet Case Files. This is my fourth make, this time a dress I'd long been plotting. PJ for daywear trend still going strong in my house. 

Tessuti Kate top sewing comp; leather straps and fancy buckle sets

Ok so the only words I got there were "make a Katetop modified from the original pattern".

Swear to God I had this whole thing cracked in the first 15 minutes, then spent hours over the next two weeks getting it 'perfect", which of course it could never be because of that nitpicking. Swear to God I made the same mistakes, over & over. Metaphor for life, there.

Sewing sequin fabric the easy way - a quick & dirty midi-length pencil skirt

although my need for sequin skirt was acute, I dreaded the thought of unpicking all those little buggers. Every blog I read on the subject was agreed on this necessity before sewing but no! It is not so and halleluja sisters.

Sewing time: the Carolyn, the Keana, And a Skirt.

I made a Named Clothing Keana Blouse and the Closet Case Files Carolyn PJ top, back to back, as a thorough introductory embrace of all that is piping. I wanted to compare two differing construction methods of sewing a piped shirt as well as the qualities of self-made versus store-bought piping. Its science.

Gold thread embroidery on canvas

Embroidery on canvas, using DCM metallic embroidery thread couched with Scanfil metallic thread

Goldwork embroidery appliques

Spanish embroidery, narrated in Russian

Granny Corner: Camouflage Glam Sport Luxe

Bonus Vogue points for the fash/speak: Camo Glam Sport Luxe.... with a Leopard print trim. 

Lucent Visor: #superloveit

Yes, we are making hats now

Frocktails 2015; diy DVF

I love this dress. I really do. Its a great dress. I studied DVF's which is all about the column of graphic print plus bare skin (sexy older skin). The print being off grain was a long run pain in the arse and I had to settle for just making the pattern match down the side seams and steam pressing the fik out if it. It worked!

Talking to Tractorgirl: interview by Julie Gibbons

Several months ago I befriended the lovely Julie from Tractorgirl - which is the coolest webname ever outside of Granny Corner. After browsing her site and finding page after page of makers & their encouraging, inspirational stories along with a wealth of advice on visual marketing & improving your own artistic practice, I was not only impressed but really felt the good will she shares with such exuberance! Julie is a prolific creative practioner herself and a supporter of makers everywhere! 

New Year New Dress; Celestial hack

Pattern Fantastique's Celestial dress was definitely my dress of the year 2014 & now here we are again, a new year a new Celestial dress by jingo.

Vionnet paper dolls. Instant gift!

Another year's end, another paper doll gift to give. 

Curiosity: Nita Jane McMahon of Pattern Fantastique, interviewed.

...I became more & more curious about Nita Jane and the originality of her fashion designs; here was a woman who came across as refreshingly left field, a pattern making designer with a keen eye for the nuances of fit and ease, deftly combined with sharp cuts, bold drapes and clever construction.  

The Celestial dress

The new sewing pattern by a new designer, the Celestial dress is the most best dress I've ever made, for serious. Its got it all going on; style, comfort, practicality and a uniquely modest, (one is a Lady) contemporary, eminently versatile design. Yah, I like it.

Granny Corner: snakeskin & sequins, Frocktails. Sydney 2014

One should be like throwing tv's out of hotel room windows one is so rock n roll. Frocktails 2014!

Granny Corner: City Gym Shorts 24hr style babe, me.

My sewing has up till now been a very quiet solo hobby, but since I started this artworkerprojects, I've discovered the happy sisterhood of sewingland! There are lots of fabulous people out there sewing most of their own clothes, just like me! And I'm joining in now! And I never join groups! But sewingland is fun and here is my part of Shorts On The Line August shorts appreciation society. And I will try to not be justifying posting about "just" sewing ever again.