Granny Corner time: Frocktails: Sydney 2019!

Outfit planning. Planning what to wear to the social occasion of the year! Sydney Frocktails: there’s no one better to appreciate our statement outfits! Than other sewists!

A single grazing episode at Vogue has me thinking about feathers and zero waste and everything Saoirse Ronan has worn this year. Or ever.

Wrap it up I’ll take it.

And then I’ll think of what I’m going to make.

Clio top by Zero + Maria Cornejo  the most interesting genius of a pattern maker

Clio top by Zero + Maria Cornejo the most interesting genius of a pattern maker

Stumbled on this & am both captured the fabric/garment design marital harmony and horrified by the expense. I’m thinking $695 is like some random money number thing but then I read its ethical journey and consider the skill of the designer and manufacturer & marvel again at the baffling equations: sustainable is so hard to afford, but ‘luxury goods’ like this are so stupid & cost so much. But then I dont know finance so what do I know. I say I make my own.

That top is a super cool design & I’ll be having a stab at borrowing the idea sometime, but its not…flashy enough for me, for Frocktails. Cannot be too flashy, must be a lot flashy. Then think: what would Romance Was Born do??

Romance Was Born  to the ready

Romance Was Born to the ready

Woooooah mumma! Lurex! Thats more like it. At first I though this was a Fortuny/Issey Miyake pleat business but upon further study, its a rib knit. In an extreme handkerchief hem. I like this. And flash flashy factor. I’ve forgotten about feathers. Still thinking zero waste but more like “there is zero time wasted in thinking about a Frocktails outfit” kind of thinking

RWB 2.jpg

PURPLE. Oh yes! But maybe not, need to firm up the skirt design. I’m thinking of the pink pearlescent pleather I bought 5 meters of from DCF when it was $5/m. Like that’ll be handy. So I’d better giddyup with that stuff which brings me back to the Gucci 80’s.




I think a lot, and not always about this, but I think about this a lot. No clearer about what to wear and two weekends to make it in, zero time to waste, almost time to wish I wasnt going because STRESS