About Artworker Projects


There once was an artist’s advocacy group (now defunct) I first came across as an art student in the late 80’s, The Queensland Artworkers Alliance. I loved this title, "Artworker" seemed so real, so accurate a description to me! And “artist’ seems so subjective and arbitrary, so laden with pejoratives sometimes. I work! And this is my profession. So it’s been my self-awarded title ever since. I'm always working. I make artwork. I’m an art-worker.


This site is a valuable tool to me, it encourages me to document my work by imagining that I'm accountable in some hazy, vague way to the outside world. To keep some order. Creativity comes from activity and there's always work to do. Sometimes I'm making things to an external specification, such as commissioned pieces, sometimes it’s a pure needing to know how the making of something works, and often I'm working over sets and subsets of imageries that have played over and over in my mind throughout my life. 

Essentially, I'm a working artist who has by design or accident specialised in commissioned artworks for commercial projects, with a passionate interest in process, materials and how they convey meaning and beauty; my personal studio practice is at the heart of everything.

To quote the well quoted Chuck Close: “All the best ideas come out of the process: they come out of the work itself.” So it becomes immaterial what the end result is. I like to figure out how to make things. Translating ideas into things. It’s in between the idea and the product that the art happens, it’s in the practice; work is created while I work, and everything is in the making. 

Traditional art practices – sculpture and printmaking, mainly – are where my studio practice begin, but all methods of manufacture are fair game. If I want to make something, I’ll get into any skill and the good news is, there’s more tools available to artists now that at any other time before and they're all very cool.

Granny Corner, now that's my womanly pursuits. Sewing. Not arty at all, what a relief; sometimes, the only things I'm up for making are conducted in Granny Corner. I've always made most of my own clothes, its a natural extension of my 'making' & I like making nice things to wear. It's a great domestic occupation with the obvious benefit of receiving a fairly immediate reward: fashion! Everybody loves fashion & its far easier to hit the like button for fashion than art. Art can be confusing, it confuses me all the time. I get a lot of support from the sewing community, online as well as IRL and that has really been a creative boon I never expected, but for which I am regularly grateful. I'm not saying I'm any good at it but there's a lot of enthusiasm for it in my Granny Corner.

Rosie, artworker.