About Artworker Projects


There once was an artist’s advocacy group (now defunct) I first came across as an art student in the late 80’s, The Queensland Artworkers Alliance. I loved this title, not just the solidarity & fellowship inherent in a word like 'alliance', but "Artworker", it seemed so real, so accurate a description of the way I saw my life leading. ‘Artist’ seems so subjective and arbitrary, so laden with pejoratives sometimes and I worked! And this is my profession. So it’s been my self-awarded title ever since. I'm always working. I make artwork. I’m an art-worker.


Long story here, but short story is Ive been making, gilding and sewing for long times and I work now from my studio at home in Sydney; I've been an art consultant to major hotels for years and have been commissioned many, many times to produce artwork for 5 star hotels and resorts internationally and have traveled widely in order to do so.

I'm quite the recluse these days though, since my eldest son's diagnosis with autism a few years ago, hence the home studio. We home school out of necessity; my son sits in the middle of the autism spectrum, with significant needs, and its been astonishing how much good has come from the acute and unexpected change of circumstance. I though home schooling would be the end of my life but in fact, its been a career defining period of intense creativity & prolific art-making.

Finding myself more limited in professional work opportunities, I began this website & committed to maintain a self-accountability through it, developing the personal work that is at the heart of my practice. Essentially, I'm a working artist who has by design or accident specialised in commissioned artworks for commercial projects, with a passionate interest in process, materials and how they convey meaning and beauty. A website is the perfect framework for collating & evaluating the information that feeds and informs creativity. Working in the arts industry, working on commissions to a brief, I've kept my own work more or less to myself & its been a pretty private occupation till now. But, creativity most certainly doesn't thrive in a vacuum and endless interior spiraling is self-defeating. Believe me. I've done lots of it. So I started writing it up & compiling images, sorting through the work and following tangents; making conversations-with-self, in an effort to distill & articulate what it is I’m really trying to figure out. Meanwhile things get made, and thats the thing. In my work, it’s all about time; time as a concept and as told by the practice of artmaking. 

To quote the well quoted Chuck Close: “All the best ideas come out of the process: they come out of the work itself.” So it becomes immaterial what the end result is. I like to figure out how to make things. Translating ideas into things. It’s in between the idea and the product that the art happens, it’s in the practice; work is created while I work, and everything is in the making. 

Granny Corner, now that's my womanly pursuits. Sewing. Not arty at all, what a relief! Sometimes, the only things I'm up for making are conducted in Granny Corner. I've always made most of my own clothes, its a natural extension of my making & I like making nice things to wear. It's a great domestic occupation with the obvious benefit of receiving a fairly immediate reward: fashion! Everybody loves fashion & its far easier to hit the like button for fashion than art. Art can be confusing. It confuses me all the time. I get a lot of support from the sewing community, online as well as IRL and that has really been a creative boon I never expected, but for which I am truly grateful. The real true friendship I've found has saved my bacon many times, even daily really. Feeling connected to and part-of when I'm here alone with All The Thoughts.

Sewing: making lives a little less lonely, a little less isolated and a lot more shiny. And if you're me, really, really shiny.

Over & above everything is my firmly held belief that the best is yet to come, just keep doing the work.  And wear nice clothes while you're about it.