Granny Corner: City Gym Shorts 24hr style babe, me.

My DIY Mr Mouse fancy pants t-shirts,  here .

My DIY Mr Mouse fancy pants t-shirts, here.

So this isn't a sewing blog BUT, that's where my head is at presently so that's what I'm doing. Even if the world could absorb another sewing blog, and I have my doubts, the focus of mine is to just foster work; setting myself up with some accountability in regards to producing any material.

In regularly (well, semi-regularly) offering up documentation of said work on this here my website, the nature of work is mostly art like, but even if its just making my own clothes, like I've been doing for the last, oh, hundred years or so, that's fair enough as far as I'm concerned. My sewing has up till now been a very quiet solo hobby, but since I started this artworkerprojects, I've discovered the happy sisterhood of sewingland! There are lots of fabulous people out there sewing most of their own clothes, just like me! And I'm joining in now! And I never join groups! But sewingland is fun and here is my part of Shorts On The Line August shorts appreciation society. And I will try to not be justifying posting about "just" sewing ever again.

I made the totally cool City Gym Shorts, a free pattern by The Purl Bee. Thank you Corrine, this is one rooly good pattern, an absolutely classic pair of shorts; I even wore these to the actual gym.

Brilliant pattern, I had no idea how much I wanted a pair of 70's style shorty shorts. And any excuse to employ self made bias binding & I'm all over it; the shorts area dark grey Japanese cotton but oh! The binding! I bought this ker-azee silk satin a while ago from Tessuti, natch, and here it absolutely came into it's own. I LOVE it.

I love making my own binding, I really do, its such a cool trim and its a kind of magical thing, cutting a mobius like ribbon that goes from flat square to an infinity banner...y'know? Takes an ordinary garment into special straight away.

This t-shirt says "Paradise" but looks like "Radish". I wish it did, a t-shirt emblazoned with "RADISH" would be so cool.

This t-shirt says "Paradise" but looks like "Radish". I wish it did, a t-shirt emblazoned with "RADISH" would be so cool.

It being winter, of sorts, in Sydney, I had to pile on a few layers for warmth but really like the shorts over pants idea. My legs are weirdly super white & clash with everything, so best covered up. I'm not an actual sexy older 24hr style babe, but Lord, I wanna be.

So not sure what size I cut but these seem a little flappy so might size down next time and when I laid them out, I liked how the side seam join looks like it meets more above the middle of the leg. Kinda a Coachella shorts look, so might try this out next time too. Yes, I like these.

But wait!...

Yes I like these so much heres another pair! Two pairs of shorts in one weekend, what a splendid feeling of smug satisfaction! This time it's a fine wool blend herringbone/tweed and another mad Tessuti print self made bias.

Aloha Cat, Tessuti.

Aloha Cat, Tessuti.

I didnt do any of the modifications I had in mind, just merrily sewed away and had a lovely day. But these are begging for pockets, I wish I'd done that. Also, the red orchids & leopard print on the bias trim didn't show up as much as I'd have liked but never mind, I love City Gym Shorts, very very much. 

Fast & fun, easy to wear, useful and COOL.

Thats it for me & Shorts On The Line, thank you every lovely person in sewingland, you make me happy!