Granny Corner: minor artiness, sewing Anima Missoni and Instalove

Granny Corner, thank heavens for Granny and the Corner. I've never called anyone Granny before, except for me, I'm my own bloody Granny when it comes to making that's not of an art kind. My womanly occupations comfort me when the going gets confused/lost/tired/uninspired or kinda stalled, in my studio. I've been liking it here a lot over here for a few months now. Thing is, I've got these assemblages I'm developing in the studio, but I need to give these some time to find their way forward. Stuff needs to unfold and stuff is doing this sooooo sloooowly. 

RosiePerl canvas.0.3.jpg
Hmmm. Waiting waiting...

Hmmm. Waiting waiting...

Never mind, one is never idle. I'm checking on the above now & then, but just pushing things around & getting cross really so its best I'm gainfully distracted & my hands busy elsewhere....

With some sewing! Lady!

So here's some Womanly stuff I've been doing lately.

Papercut Patterns have a comp on, a style-yourself-wearing-pants comp using their brilliant Anima Pant pattern, so I waded in & made these. I must say that NEVER have I seen a more beautifully presented sewing pattern. Nice one Papercut, am very impressed.

My version obviously had to be enhanced by the addition of a Missoni trim. Duh.

Using some Missoni scraps brought me much joy and happiness; I'm thrifty! Good Housekeeping Economy! Lady!

The pant fabric is a lightweight cotton jersey, nowhere near warm enough for a cold winter, even in Sydney. But they're good for a first take on the pattern sizing. I cut a medium but in future it'll be a small and in a heavier weight knit, these are kinda like Hammer pants in the crotch. Which is an old joke but it makes me happy cos I cant think Hammer pants without declaring, loudly, ITS HAMMER TIME! Yeah, even my dog thinks I'm unfunny. BUT EVEN THIS DOESN'T STOP ME.

Go on, watch, click on the play button and get DOWN

Anima pants accomplished, back to day job, also invaluable in terms of a distraction from being inside my head. Its a mess in there Lord.

And finally, for this update, theres nothing like some Instaloving to keep an idle mind occupied. I collect these for future following up/reference. I have huge files on artists and galleries, an enormous catalog of images which are an invaluable resource that has become an obsession in itself. Amazing, isn't it, how pictures fascinate & hold us, the beauty of things.

I'm still not entirely ready to abandon my Granny self, there is more sewing coming I'm afraid. It's amply satisfying my creative needs at present. And I get cool new clothes to wear out of it; I'm sometimes so easily made a happy woman.

Daiso shopping!

Daiso shopping!