Granny Corner: snakeskin & sequins, Frocktails. Sydney 2014

Love fabric love sewing love fashion, love sewing garments out of fashion fabrics love snakeskin and sequins, love all of these things in my Frocktails dress. My wheh-hey! simple dress in a wheh-hey!-whack fabric, worn to the Spoolettes* annual Frocktails dinner. And me, not a joiner of groups, one of the first to arrive!

It's Artworker Couture, baby.

It's Artworker Couture, baby.

I am extremely tardy in posting my Frocktails dress the event having occurred several weeks ago now, but I'm sure this hasn't inconvenienced anyone, heh heh. So, here is my dress, Burda 04-2013#109A. I've made this time & time again...actually felt this was too simple a frock for Frocktails but it's pretty indicative of my default sewing preferences, namely simple shapes & stand out fabrics. And the fabric on this one! The fabric! Sequins! Snakeskin! Sequins on a snakeskin printed georgette from Tessuti 100 years ago! Infallible! Worn it with my beloved Acne booties! Fun night! One rocked! So did everyone else! Everyone rocked.

Acne , just impossible to be uncool in these.

Acne, just impossible to be uncool in these.

And as one is really so, so rockin', one wore one's Alexander McQueen skull ring. Yeah baby. Rock that frocktailing. One should be like throwing tv's out of hotel room windows one is so rock n roll. HA!

Umm, and that's kinda all I have to show for Frocktails, except for the two great photos below, most of my pics being very very blurred as you'd expect; I think there were about 30 attendees, lots of sewing talking and lots of just talking talking, making friends and furthering the Spoolette's mission to "never judge, to have a good time and make even better friends"*. Having made connections over sewing land interwebs, it was fantastic to meet flesh people! I had met a lot of the attendees online, but they are really nice when wearing flesh too! 

And how much fun does that photo look ?? LOTS. As I said, I had some fantastic chats, lots of laughs and am very very glad I overcame my inherent hermitude and frocked along. And that my dress was sparkly. Next year, Frocktails moves to another city; Melbourne maybe but I'm gonna lobby hard for Brisbane, lots of lady sewists there I'd love to flesh meet too. Flesh meet. Flesh meat! Eeeuurgh! Flesh meat!! 

Lady Gaga wears flesh meat! Its a dress, its flesh, BOOM! From the  My Little Pop Icons of Marie Kasurinen.

Lady Gaga wears flesh meat! Its a dress, its flesh, BOOM! From the My Little Pop Icons of Marie Kasurinen.

My sewing has been wonderful friend to me for so many years but seems to be hitting new highs this year in particular. I had no idea it was a social sport, so fun!

I thank you, Instagram.

Spoolettes, sewing and making friends; it's a social sport! 

*Thank you, Claire at  Sew Dixie Lou , so much.

*Thank you, Claire at Sew Dixie Lou, so much.