Artworking; September 2018

Another busy one

Rosie Perl image 2.jpg

Its taken me a whole month to not get much further along with the diptych. God is sending me opportunities to practice acceptance

Rosie Perl. Sept2018.1.JPG

The failures have taken a long time to work out & every stage is irreversible, so fixing f:.:ckups is not an overnight thing. Could be I’m asking more of my materials & surfaces than they are ready to service. Keep getting minor damage to the finish that needs touching up that then turns into completely re-finishing the lot. Again again.

But I think its still has something worth saying

The scale of this piece & the two panels & the glossy finish make this very hard to capture via camera so fyi the colours to the left are way approximate

Sydney Contemporary Art Fair

Sydney Contemporary Art Fair

September is art fair time in Sydney. God is sending me things here too but its too soon to say what they might be. I may never know.

Gemma Smith’s luminous canvases above, Joshua Yeldham at top. Those dots align with my current occupations

Rosie Perl. Sept2018.9.JPG

Image above and all those to follow are from various points of process over the last month. I just keep snapping pics as if it all might be just fine, if served in smaller doses

Some bits are twice as nice as others

Rosie Perl. Sept2018.14.JPG

Thrice as nice






450 SEL in the carpark at Woolies

Rosie Perl.BES.jpg2.jpg

The pattering is an exploded batik design in reference to my South East Asian childhood, which is present in some form or another in most of my work. At my school in West Java, a bolt of batik fabric was the uniform; you could make any kind of clothing at all, as long as it was the school batik fabric.

Then years later it turned out that I would home school my son E and we are at home together every day, just like this landscape is mirrored, and the batik pattern made is laid over this landscape made by little dots that organised themselves into a drawing of a flower - just little dots, up close all we can see is little dots but in the grand scheme, come to make sense of themselves into a whole, as a flower - also comes to represent the compulsive, repetitive stims associated with autism, which is itself an unexpectedly beautiful thing, just not an easy thing to understand.

Rosie Perl. Sept2018.3.jpg

But I’m getting sick of this now its gone on too long. I think Ive reached peak learn. As I write this I’m prepared for another 2/3 days worth of touchups & that will do. I’ll ask my friend Sarah to come & take some photos & then move on & leave it behind. I have other things I want to make



Still being a sook about the surgery. But look at that face. Not allowed on the furniture.