Past Projects


Past Projects
2017 and Prior Years

Pre-2018 Projects
artworking; October 2017

This is going to take a while

artworking; September 2017

Commissions, the art fair, the airport, Puppy and Chicken Salt. It all happened in September.

artworking; July 2017

Much work that I cant share. The commission I'm undertaking is by far the biggest I've ever done, with the most restrictive contract I've ever signed. So I cant share progress pics but let me assure you, I'm artworking long and many days

Shapes sculptures

Sometimes a sculpture is just a sculpture.

Artworking: June 2017

Lots of art

Artworking: May 2017
Artworking: April 2017

Various samplings for commissions/proposals; photoshop sketches; fabric print design sketches and...

Artworking: March 2017 studio

And I thought I'd been quiet this month 

'Inscapes' body masks and assemblages process booklet

The following is slides from a booklet I put together to accompany my exhibition "Inscapes", which contains both works on canvas and small sculptures. This booklet refers to the sculptures, although they're not otherwise distinct from the works on canvas as all the works are 'objects' rather than picture planes. I find out a lot about the works as I make them, as if all is going well, they are making themselves. Maybe the following will explain that more clearly than my clumpy words.

"Inscapes" works on canvas booklet of the making process

I put together a booklet style presentation to accompany the exhibition about the processes that went into creating the works on canvas . Theres a performative aspect to my work, in a sense; there were a lot of processes over several months and for me, making IS where the art is

Very large landscape, #1

1830 x 901mm. Loved working at this scale after all the teeny pieces I've been making for so long. With them my thinking has been that its an already crowded world and theres a helluva lot of art out there, it doesn't need more taking up valuable space

Unmasking: memory and transience

New work. "The body mask; a sculpturally elegant, totemic, vessel-like form. Speaking of the masks that define and protect us. Viewers engage with the work, creating meaning, through their own associations and memories." True or false? You be the judge...

Gold thread embroidery on landscape painting on canvas

Gold thread embroidery on painted canvas landscape.

Little Thing

Handcut paper,& pigment on 8"x10" deep edge gesso board because its pretty

Gold thread embroidery on canvas

Embroidery on canvas, using DCM metallic embroidery thread couched with Scanfil metallic thread

Portrait of Femida H

Femida H. She is my close and very dear friend and I made this portrait for her 50th birthday present. We met as neighbours in London (hello, NW3) and she is an incredibly kind & loyal friend, and a gracious & generous woman. I hope I've done something nice for her here.


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Who knew?

Companion Piece 1. From the Body Mask Series 2015

Assemblages that go together

Granny Corner: Camouflage Glam Sport Luxe

Bonus Vogue points for the fash/speak: Camo Glam Sport Luxe.... with a Leopard print trim. 

Lucent Visor: #superloveit

Yes, we are making hats now