Yellowtrace   Interior Design, Architecture, Art, Photography, Lifestyle & Design Culture. Everyone knows Yellowtrace

Ocula   Contemporary art portal, focusing on Asia-Pacific; galleries, artworks & artists as well as critique articles. Has the unique quality of rendering one either feeling ok, that your work is sort-of ok, or complete despair that your work is irredeemable shit. I dont go there often to be honest but its a good all-under-one-roof contemporary-right-now art library

Blouin Artinfo   "global source for up-to-the-minute news, information, and expert commentary on art, artists, and the business and pleasure of making, buying, and understanding art." Art Net might be the better.

Art Almanac Monthly whats on Australia wide plus art prize call-outs

Mind Hacks Neuroscience and psychology

Vogue UK Obvs

The Guardian fashion page, UK edition

Patternbank   Like it says. Trade print trend reports & massive colour/pattern/print inspiration injection

AnOther Online magazine, luxury fashion, art and culture

The Cutting Class   Analysing haute fashion garment construction and details, all the goodie details

issuu "... the largest collection of free-to-read publications from incredible publishers around the globe." Get yourself a library of fascinating titles & feel bad about not keeping up with the onerous emailed update lists of really really great reads and many many amazing pictures in the billions of on-screen glossy mags that look so very, very interesting. 






Supplies & SERVICES

Barnes  Sculpture materials. They do lots of costume special affectsy stuff if that your thing but I go there for moldmaking & casting supplies

Newtown Art Supplies   Fine Art supplies, great stretched canvas maker.

Eckersley's   Over-priced art supplies supermarket but St Leonards store have fine art supplies & I price check them when I'm Scrooging on re-stocking studio stuff. Makes me feel better about shopping everywhere else: “well I could’ve spent this much on whatever, and I didnt! I saved so much by not buying it here!”.

The Gold Leaf Factory   All gilding and some fine art supplies. 

Vision Graphics   High quality scanning & digital printing Sydney

Online Laser cutting   Sydney, small quantity specialists, quick turnaround

Art Scene   well priced fine art supplies, custom artists boards & stretched canvas making service. My go-to

Sydney Art Store   Excellent fine art supplies. Pricey but first rate stretched canvas making, supplier of polyester canvas

Parkers Art Supplies   Excellent fine art supplies including artist's boards and a selection of gold & silver leaf

Next State custom digital fabric printing

Fidoso   Ramen at Fidoso. Art framers to trade.

SmArt Shift.   Paul Jarvis, first class art installation service.

Tessuti   The fabrics. Oh the fabrics

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