Remember this 2016

Screenshots of the year award 2016:

2016 went crazy for

Edda Gimnes because so cool and Ramesh because I attended the talk at Gallery 9 and fell for the man and his plan. Took a moment to get with it, but the quality shines through. Such exuberance and scale! Its absolutley wonderful to see sculpture like this, genius at work. 

Sheila Hicks. Bound rods. Quite pertinent to my own aesthetic enquiries this year although the world hasnt seen much of it yet. And the world will probably survive that.

More screenshots:

2016 saw:

An ongoing desire for a headpiece?

Fen Wang Vogue.jpg

I know, pugs right? If your child was autistic & found comfort from a hurtful and baffling world in looking at pictures of pugs, you'd have an album named "Pug Lovin'" too.

Getting with the painters; crazy for Tom Polo and Marc Etherington this 2016. And Paul Ryan. Not just because Corgi. Although Corgi is good. Very good Corgi.And one day I plan to own one of @hugeskull's pieces, thats a promise. 

Bada boom. Thats it.