Tessuti Kate top sewing comp; leather straps and fancy buckle sets

Ok so the only words I got there were "make a Katetop modified from the original pattern".

Swear to God I had this whole thing cracked in the first 15 minutes, then spent hours over the next two weeks getting it 'perfect", which of course it could never be because of that nitpicking. Swear to God I made the same mistakes, over & over. Metaphor for life, there.

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Frocktails 2015; diy DVF

I love this dress. I really do. Its a great dress. I studied DVF's which is all about the column of graphic print plus bare skin (sexy older skin). The print being off grain was a long run pain in the arse and I had to settle for just making the pattern match down the side seams and steam pressing the fik out if it. It worked!

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Talking to Tractorgirl: interview by Julie Gibbons

Several months ago I befriended the lovely Julie from Tractorgirl - which is the coolest webname ever outside of Granny Corner. After browsing her site and finding page after page of makers & their encouraging, inspirational stories along with a wealth of advice on visual marketing & improving your own artistic practice, I was not only impressed but really felt the good will she shares with such exuberance! Julie is a prolific creative practioner herself and a supporter of makers everywhere! 

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