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Pre-2018 Projects
DIY pet step for Puppy's advancing years

I'm currently engaged in commissioned work for a luxury hotel - at 28 pieces its the biggest commission I've ever know - and I'm not at liberty to share any images of it. So all the showing off I get to do is in that last sentence. However, there is a lull in artwork proceedings at the moment, so here’s a photoshop bonanza of step by step pics following the making of Puppy's new couch step! Time wasting!

Goldwork embroidery appliques

Spanish embroidery, narrated in Russian

Paint razor sharp edges, no prob.

Advice and how-to time

DIY patchwork tree baubles

So as far as Christmas DIY's go, this one is acceptably anti-horrid (seriously, what is WITH that red & green?? It's just weird.) and most importantly, cheap. Granny Corner approves of cheap. Also jewellery, GC really, really believes in that.






Mini sculpture gallery; chapter 4: diorama/gallery/backdrop/display/set

Time to bring all the bits I've made together: the diorama/gallery style displays and the maquette/mini sculptures. Results!

Mini sculpture gallery; chapter 3: mini timber sculptures

THIS chapter is about making the jolly little balsa wood sculpture pieces to inhabit my dioramas. And this is a really interesting chapter too.

Tutorial: gilding a canvas

Wondering how to gild with imitation gold leaf? Here I'll take you through gilding a canvas, ready for use as the base/background for an artwork...

My Little Pony Projects. Yes, customised MLP!

My Little Pony. Sure you know it!

Making a customised pony? Oh yeah. 

 ...It's a whole sub-culture out there people, do try & keep up. 

See, as I'm a model-maker/sculptor at heart, this project was an irresistible lure as I found myself embroiled in Pony-world via two unexpected sources...


Tutorial: Paper Doll stand

 Paper Dolls: make them stand up. Here's a tutorial on making my flat folding stand...

Paper Dolls: the stylish gift. Part 2: making the content

Last post showed making the folders themselves. Now, onto furnishing them with the cool gear...


Above, from the good people at Barnes, sculpture supplies. "Clone FX with a plaster bandage case mould. A great cost effective mould making solution." To see their full range of tutorials click here.

"Using this method the pressed shapes can be modified by gently curling or bending them before baking. No single casting will look exactly like another."

"Using this method the pressed shapes can be modified by gently curling or bending them before baking. No single casting will look exactly like another."

Press casting with Super Sculpey, above. David Neat has an encyclopedic modelmaker's reference blog and his advice is informed by years of practice. His section on Modelmaking Basics is "The third of five outline accounts dealing with what I consider to be the five defining areas of model-making work; main construction, fine construction, modelling/shaping, creating surfaces and painting. I'v written these overviews in preparation for teaching sessions at RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) in London. So they’re tuned towards the specialities of theatre design model work, but most of the points will be relevant in general terms to model work in other disciplines."

For the low down on Super Sculpey click here. My tip: get yourself some Super Sculpey Softener from Barnes. Stops hands & fingers cramping from kneading cold Sculpey. The generosity of David's knowledge sharing on this site is truly marvellous.

The Art of Shoemaking - Prada handmade collection

Not a tutorial, just mesmerising fun to watch someone else make something!